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10 of the best employee timesheet software for small business.

1. WeWorked

weworked timesheet software

WeWorked is easy-to-use, free timesheet app software enjoyed by companies of all sizes around the world. With WeWorked, companies calculate paid time off, centralize personnel records, access hours worked and leave balances, control access with permissions, reduce payroll errors, access 24×7, and customize timesheet codes (FMLA, jury duty, etc).

Top features:

  • Daily, weekly and monthly timesheets
  • One-click timer
  • Entries approval and lock
  • Configurable permissions, reports, budgets and currencies
  • Integrates with ADP, Paychex, and more

Pricing: 2 USD per user

2. TSheets


TSheets is time tracking software for medium to large businesses that require advanced integrations and a large feature set. TSheets offers a lot of features, including scheduling, time tracking, and reporting. TSheets is feature heavy and often too complex for small businesses.

Top features:

  • Time tracking
  • Integrations
  • Overtime calculations
  • Scheduling and reports

Pricing: 5 USD per user

3. ClickTime


ClickTime is a basic timesheet application for medium to large businesses. ClickTime has the standard feature set of billable and nonbillable tasks and expense tracking.

Top features:

  • Dynamic billing rates
  • Online timesheets
  • Employee reporting
  • Time tracking stopwatch

Pricing: 9 USD per user

4. Harvest

harvest time tracking

Harvest specializes in timesheets and forecasting tools for the creative community that require advanced billing features and extensive reports.

Top features:

  • Time and expenses
  • Invoices
  • Projects and scheduling
  • Advanced reports

Pricing: 12 USD per user

5. Replicon


Replicon is a multi-feature enterprise solution that helps companies to track the time spent on work and have a complete overview of their workforce. Replicon is designed for enterprise-level teams.

Top features:

  • Timesheet billing
  • Project cost tracking
  • Time and attendance
  • Expense tracking and controls

Pricing: 20 USD per user

6. Toggl


Toggle is a very basic time tracker for keeping tabs on what you are working on. Toggl's goal is to track how team members spend their time. Toggl is very much like an online activity timer.

Top features:

  • Activity timer
  • Calender integration
  • Manual time entries
  • Mobile app

Pricing: 20 USD per user

7. Freshbooks

freshbooks time tracking

Freshbooks is mainly small business invoicing and accounting software. Freshbooks does have a small module for time tracking. The time tracking features are extremely limited and designed for companies with very basic needs.

Top features:

  • Daily and weekly timesheets
  • Advanced accounting tools
  • Invoicing and expense tracking
  • Reports and mobile access

Pricing: 15 USD per user

8. Hubstaff


Hubstaff focuses on getting teams to work smarter by combining timesheets with GPS tracking, productivity monitoring tools, and team scheduling. Hubstaff is primarily about control and oversight of employee time.

Top features:

  • Online timesheets
  • GPS tracking
  • Project budgets
  • Geofencing

Pricing: 10 USD per user

9. BeeBole


BeeBole Timesheet is a timesheet and business intelligence app for medium to large companies with specific integration requirements. BeeBole Timesheet focuses on insights and business intelligence. Customers use advanced timesheet data to make better business decisions.

Top features:

  • Daily, weekly and monthly timesheets
  • One-click timer
  • Entries approval and lock
  • Configurable permissions, reports, budgets and currencies

Pricing: 5.99 USD per user

10. Scoro


Scoro timesheets is an all-in-one business management software with a goal of connecting teams, projects, sales and reports. Scoro is designed to help with planning time and projects, managing clients, distributing invoices, and monitoring business results.

Top features:

  • Project management tools
  • Work scheduling and tracking
  • Financial management components
  • CRM & Quoting

Pricing: 25 USD per user

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