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Timesheet features for today's teams.

84% report saving 18 hours per week.
"My administrative time has been cut drastically since using WeWorked. All I have to do is run a report at the end of the week and email the results to finance. It is so easy-to-use."
-Lisa Brennan, Reliable Hauling

Timesheets online or time clock on location

Choose how you want your people to enter time. Choose one method or a combination of timesheets or clock in and out timecard.

leave balance from timesheet

Timesheet approvals

Timesheets require approval. Daily, weekly, bi-weekly, and semi-monthly approvals. You define who is allowed to approve whose time. Approving and denying time is a simple click of a button.

submit and approve timesheets

Detailed reports

Generate detailed reports from timesheet data. Specify report filters to return only the results you want. Export to Excel and PDF.

setup timesheet permissions

Track leave balances

Easily setup leave policy rules. Users will automatically accrue leave according to the rules you define. Leave balances reduce as users report time out of the office. Users can view their leave balances at anytime.

leave balance from timesheet

Control permissions

You have full control over who can see and do what through permissions. Decide if a person approves time for everyone, a group, certain people, or nobody.

setup timesheet permissions

Calculate billable projects

Tell us how you intend to invoice (person rate, task rate, or fixed project rate). Export the total hours and associated cost into an excel spreadsheet to be copied into an invoice or manipulated further.

track billable hours on a timesheet

Customize tasks

Tasks are the same as timesheet codes. You can choose to add specialized tasks to track a specific activity, such as development, testing, and meetings.

setup timesheet permissions

Project templates

Create projects quickly by copying project information, such as people and tasks, to new and other projects.

copy projects and tasks

Email reminders

Tired of staff forgetting to complete their timesheet? Set an automatic email reminder and WeWorked will remind them. Reminders are included with every upgraded account.

email reminders

Professional invoices

Create invoices directly from timesheet data in seconds. Unlimited invoices are included with every upgraded account. Learn more about invoices.

track billable hours on a timesheet
81% have less confusion.
"The leave request feature is perfect. Gone are the numerous email chains. We can see exactly when people will be off and if the leave was approved."
-Len Sims, Sims Architects


Leave Requests

Allow staff to submit leave requests for approval. Know when people are approved to be out of the office. Learn more about leave requests.

leave requests

Expense Tracking

Track expenses directly in WeWorked. Upload receipts, and submit expense reports for approval. Learn more about expense tracking.

expense tracking
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WeWorked supports international currencies. Business is global and so is WeWorked. Currencies include U.S. Dollar, Australian Dollar, British Pound, Canadian Dollar, Euro, Mexican Peso, Swedish Krona, Swiss Francs, and more.
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