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WeWorked and the importance of DCAA compliance for government contractors.

Weworked is a popular cloud-based time tracking and project management software used by businesses worldwide. However, for government contractors in the United States, compliance with the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) is crucial. In this article, we'll take a closer look at Weworked and explore the importance of DCAA compliance for government contractors.

Importance of DCAA Compliance for Government Contractors

The Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) is responsible for auditing and ensuring that government contractors comply with government regulations, including timekeeping and labor cost reporting. DCAA compliance is essential for any business that works on government contracts, as non-compliance can result in financial penalties and even the loss of a government contract.

To be compliant with the DCAA, businesses must maintain accurate records of employee time and labor costs. This includes tracking employee hours by job code and project, ensuring that timekeeping records are signed and dated, and keeping records for at least three years.

Weworked and DCAA Compliance

Weworked is an ideal solution for government contractors looking to maintain DCAA compliance. Its comprehensive time tracking and project management solution includes all the necessary features to meet DCAA requirements.

Weworked's time tracking system includes a mobile app and web-based platform that allows employees to easily track their time by project and task. The software also provides managers with real-time reporting on employee productivity, including project costs, employee hours, and labor cost analysis.

Weworked also offers a range of features that help businesses stay DCAA compliant, including customizable timekeeping policies, timesheet reminders, and audit trail reports. These features make it easy to track employee time and labor costs accurately and maintain a comprehensive record-keeping system.


For government contractors, DCAA compliance is critical, and Weworked is an excellent tool to help maintain compliance. Its robust time tracking and project management features, combined with its DCAA compliance capabilities, make it an ideal choice for any business that works on government contracts. By using Weworked, businesses can ensure they meet all the necessary regulations and avoid costly penalties.

Timesheet audit log

Be in complete compliance and prepared for an internal or DCAA audit. Here are some of the DCAA activities that are tracked and viewable in your account. Know when...

  • Timesheets are submitted, approved, or denied
  • A comment is added
  • A task is added to or removed from a timesheet
  • Time is entered or changed on a timesheet
  • And much more!
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Audit trail for projects

Nearly everything in WeWorked is logged. Whether you have to comply with Sarbanes-Oxley Act, DCAA, or simply want detailed records, WeWorked is the timesheet software you need.

WeWorked keeps detailed logs so you will be ready for an audit. Know when...

archive project tasks
How WeWorked meets the requirements for a DCAA Time Tracking System.
  DCAA Clause and DescriptionWeWorked Feature
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Record time on Daily Basis


Secure daily time entry for all users with unique Log-in and Password entry.
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The correct distribution of time by project numbers, contract number or name, or other identifiers for a particular assignment.


Name projects and use multiple fields to uniquely identify projects and/or their assigned users. Time logs allow detailed notes and descriptions.
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Recording all hours worked whether they are paid or not.


Employees to put in actual hours worked along with any paid or unpaid additional time. Email notifications remind user to enter time.
check mark

The supervisor should approve and cosign all timecards.


Timesheet approvals required by supervisor with accompanying audit trail.
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Proper segregation of direct costs from indirect costs.


Create project tasks with descriptions and codes that coorespond to labor category with direct or indirect costs.
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